About Blessed Cup

Come for the coffee. Stay for the friendship.


Best Coffee in Clearwater Beach


Best Waffles in Clearwater Beach


A Fun Place to Relax

Enjoy the creative Clearwater Beach atmosphere.


Come On In

We would love to have you join us!


Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating to share with friends or make new ones


Join us in prayer or share a prayer request on our board

We Care

Join those who are “Too Blessed to be Stressed”

What is a Blessed Cup?

For some, BC is just a great cup of coffee – intentionally sourced, locally roasted, and presented with love.

For others, BC is a chance to sit with a friend, new or old, and chat about… well anything.

Some see BC as that warm place where you can be happy, share your ups and downs, play together, or discuss life’s wonders.

For us, BC is all these things and more.  It’s how we try to give back and ‘love on’ our customers, it’s how we share our Joy.

It’s how we share our Blessed Cup.